JSON Editor

JSON Editor Online

JSON Editor Online: Use this free JSON editor online tool to edit and view JSON online in a tree view.

  • Online JSON editor allows users to edit JSON online real time in a tree view.
  • Online JSON viewer shows JSON data in a tree view with image on hovering image url.
  • Online JSON Formatter and JSON Validator can be used to format and validate JSON string. This JSON formatter can also work as JSON editor online.
  • It can be also used to minify JSON. Simply click on minify button to minify JSON in no time.
  • It has handy conversion options to convert JSON to CSV and XML in one click. Convert JSON to CSV and JSON to XML by clicking on respective buttons.
  • JSON formatter also works as JSON validator and JSON lint. It helps to validate your JSON string, shows errors list and fix the missing quotes.
  • It has ability to store the last formatted JSON data locally and restore it by clicking on restore button in JSON editor.
  • Use it also as JSON beautifier that supports indentation levels from 1 space to 10 spaces.
  • Use JSON file functionality to upload JSON file and download formatted JSON file by clicking on Download button.

How to use JSON Editor Online?

  • Paste the JSON data into the json editor online input box.
  • Click on the “JSON editor” button.
  • The formatted JSON string in tree view will appear in the output box.
  • You can collapse to different level.
  • You can also view, validate, copy and download JSON file.

JSON Editor Online Options

  1. Sample: Click on it to get JSON sample data in editor.
  2. File: Click on file button to upload JSON file.
  3. Formatter: Click on format button to get formatted JSON data.
  4. Validate: Use this option to validate JSON string. It works as JSON lint.
  5. Tree Viewer: Click on tree viewer to get your JSON in a tree view. It also shows the image on hover on Image URL in a tree view.
  6. Minify: Click on minify button to minify JSON text.
  7. JSON to XML: Use this option to convert JSON to XML online.
  8. JSON to CSV: Use this option to convert JSON to CSV online.
  9. Indentation levels: Select indent tab spaces to beautify JSON. It supports indentation levels: 1 space, 2 spaces, 3 spaces, 4 spaces, 5 spaces, 6 spaces, 8 spaces, and 10 spaces.
  10. Download: Click on download button to download JSON formatted file.
  11. Auto Update: Check it to edit, view, validate and format JSON in real time.
  12. History: Click on history button to load previous JSON formatted data from local storage.
  13. Copy: Use it to copy JSON input/output and converted string.
  14. Delete: Use this option to delete data in editor.
  15. Full screen: Use it to view and edit JSON in full screen JSON editor.