JSON Validator

JSON Validator

JSON Lint: Check if your JSON is valid with our easy-to-use online JSON validator and formatter. This online JSON validator or JSON lint tool automatically formats and checks your JSON code or file.

  • The JSON Validator lets you validate your JSON code and file.
  • It will display any errors your JSON code or file might have.
  • This JSON validator, or JSON lint, automatically formats JSON and lets you download a JSON file.
  • JSON Validator or JSON lint also works as JSON formatter. It helps to validate your JSON string, shows JSON errors list with line numbers and fix the missing quotes.
  • It has ability to store the last formatted JSON data locally and restore it by clicking on restore button in JSON validator.
  • Use “choose a file” functionality to upload JSON file and download validates JSON file by clicking on Download button.

How to Use JSON Validator Online

Steps to use the JSON validator online:

  • Step 1: Copy and paste the JSON code or upload your JSON file.
  • Step 2: Click on the Validate JSON button to check if your JSON is valid.
  • Step 3: It displays the “JSON is valid” message for valid code and displays JSON Errors with Line Numbers if the code has errors.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Download” button to download the JSON code as a file.

JSON Validator Online Options

  1. Sample: Click on it to get JSON sample data in editor.
  2. File: Click on file button to upload JSON file.
  3. Formatter: Click on format button to get formatted JSON data.
  4. Validate: Use this option to validate JSON string. It works as JSON lint.
  5. Minify: Click on minify button to minify JSON text.
  6. Download: Click on download button to download JSON formatted file.
  7. Auto Update: Check it to edit, view, validate and format JSON in real time.
  8. History: Click on history button to load previous JSON formatted data from local storage.
  9. Copy: Use it to copy JSON input/output and converted string.
  10. Delete: Use this option to delete data in editor.
  11. Full screen: Use it to view and edit JSON in full screen JSON editor.